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Tucson and Pima County
Eviction Prevention/Emergency Rent and Utility Relief Program

(Online Application Portal Below)


Are You Eligible?

Below are federal requirements for this funding, including Area Median Income (AMI) calculations for Pima County.  Information updated on 4.22.22

  • Total renter household income is at/or below eighty-percent (80%) Area Median Income (“AMI”) as established by US Housing & Urban Development Department. SEE PIMA COUNTY AMI CHART BELOW.
    • Tenant Income Verification can be determined through various methods, based on current Federal Treasury Guidance and program requirements. Additional documentation may be required on a case-by-case basis.
  • Renter is eligible for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits or has experienced a financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Renter has a demonstrated risk of homelessness, housing instability, or is residing in unsafe living conditions.
  • Renter’s household is experiencing a financial crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, which may include:
      • Reduction or loss of income;
      • Health and safety concerns; or
      • Crisis event that can be supported with documentation connecting it to COVID-19.
  • Emergency Rental Assistance, for costs identified in Landlord/Tenant Rent Arrears Settlement Agreement & Payment Plan, including, but is not limited to:
      • Current and all unpaid rent due after March 1, 2020, up to 12 months.
      • Rehousing assistance for security deposit and first month’s rent up to 30 days prior to move-in date, on a case-by-case basis.
      • Utilities including: electric, gas, propane, etc.
      • Reasonable court and legal fees incurred by landlord in filing for eviction.
      • Other eligible costs as approved by County.

Income Limit Table
To qualify, annual income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) by household size, listed below. 
(All households at or below 80% of AMI meet the income qualification, with further prioritizations made based on the 30% and 50% thresholds.) Please also note there other other qualifications beyond income, listed in the above section.

Required Documents?

In order to assure that you provide the correct documentation for the program it is highly recommended that those who have applied wait to be contacted by the program. Some of the required documents are time-sensitive and must be up to date for case processing purposes. Below is a list of required documentation for each party, which is subject to change due to varying circumstances.
  • Tenant Application (Provided by case worker) 
  • Proof of Identity – Person whose ID is provided must be on the lease 
    • ID of any form (U.S. or non), ideally with photo or signature 
  • Proof of Housing Instability (Any of the following:) 
    • Past Due Rent 
    • Notice of Eviction or Nonpayment of Rent 
    • Utility Notice 
    • Court Case Paperwork 
    • Evidence of Unsafe/Unhealthy Living Conditions  
  • Most recent utility bill(s) – If you are behind on utilities and requesting assistance 
    • A utility bill is required from EACH utility company owed 
    • Must show Account Holder name, service address, account balance, and account number 
  • Income Verification (Any of the following)
    • Self-attestation of income on the application (verified by the case worker later).
    • Special note: As of 5.21.2021, based on Federal Treasury Guidance, Tenant Income Verification will be determined in part through “Fact-Specific Proxy”.
      • Tenants whose address is within a “Vulnerable Neighborhood” as designated by the PimaMaps Website, may self-attest their income, expediting the application process.  
    • If previously income qualified by an agency or government entity at or below 80% AMI for the 2020 calendar year, provide award. e.g.  SNAP Benefit, AHCCCS, TANF, etc 
    • Determination Letter for Unemployment Benefits  
    • Copy of Household’s 2020 Tax Returns 
    • Last two months of paystubs (can provide bank statements showing direct deposit in lieu of paystubs) 
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to assure federal funding is administered appropriately, additional documentation may be required on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Completed Landlord Eviction Prevention Plan (Provided by case worker) 
  • Filled out IRS Form W-9 (Provided by case Worker) 
  • Signed Lease/Rental Agreement 
    • Shows Tenant Name, Property Address, Landlord, Rent   
  • Landlord/Property Manager Identification
  • Voided Check (if you choose ACH payment option) 
  • Proof of Court / Legal Fee (if requesting > $250)
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to assure federal funding is administered appropriately, additional documentation may be required on a case-by-case basis. 

This program would not be possible without the generous participation of the following nonprofit organizations. Their staff will be processing individual cases that are submitted into the program: